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Wishing Star is a wonderful companion for girls ages 4 and up. This Asian-American girl doll is simply adorable in her blue sundress and smart black sash.

Standing 18.5” tall, she has a soft-cloth body and her limbs are vinyl and posable. She is compatible with most 18” sized dolls with swappable clothing and accessories to enhance your little girl’s play time.

Your doll will come with a personalized e-book containing 15 personalized details from her life!  You can personalize your book directly at purchase on the website or at a later date!

Her doll clothes and doll accessories are high quality and built to stand up to vigorous hours of play. 

  • Delightful blue sundress highlighted with a smart black sash
  • Matching hairbow
  • Embroidered black buttons
  • Black patent Mary Jane shoes