Starpath Dolls Reviews, Customer Testimonials & Press

"...I immediately fell for their adorable faces.  I knew I had to write a Starpath Dolls review.  As a transracially adoptive parents, I love that the four dolls are diverse."

-Liza. "Starpath Dolls Review." Addicted to Saving, 30, May 2017.


Starpath Dolls Reviews and Customer Feedback


"As you personalize the book, you see your child truly enter the book.  As they read with their doll, they are truly engaged with not only reading but play."

Holly. "Starpath Dolls Bring Individuality and Creativity."  I Like it Frantic, 11, May 2017.


Starpath Dolls Reviews on Morning Star Dolls


"I chose Morning Star for my daughter because I wanted to get her a doll that looks like her. I love that your child can choose a doll that looks like them, or you can introduce them to a friend that looks different from them."

Heidi. "A Doll is a Child's Best Friend ~ Multi-ethnic Starpath Dolls Review."  The Bragging Mommy.