Get Creative!

Get Creative!

Some artists just have the ability to make our 18" dolls seemingly come to life!  We had the wonderful opportunity to work with Karalee Scouten on some photos this year and she made all of our wonderful dolls just come to life.

These photos also inspire our next generation to create and play with their dolls in new and exciting ways all in the world around them.

Wishing Star 18 inch Doll

Wishing Star coming alive with bubbles!

Wandering Star 18 inch doll

Wandering Star and Tiger Cat out for adventure in the back yard!

 Wishing Star 18 inch dolls

Two friends out for a stroll!

 Morning star 18 inch doll

Morning Star dressed in her ball gown with her new friend from "A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong."

 At Starpath Dolls we hope and wish to instill a love of dolls to everyone.  Whether you are an 18 inch doll collector who loves attention to detail and all the intricate doll accessories, or a little girl who loves to get lost in the imaginary world of playing, enjoying our dolls is something we hope we can bring to everyone.

And you don't have to be a professional photographer.  The most important thing is to get out there and have fun!  Take photos of your dolls anywhere you like and be creative!

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