Starpath Dolls' Customized Books

Starpath Dolls' Customized Books

When we set out to create our line of beautifully crafted high-quality dolls, we also wanted to highlight our other mission: a love of reading.  Establishing a childhood love of reading is an attribute that pays lifelong dividends.  Many dolls include books about their personal stories or have them available for purchase separately.  But what we wanted to create at Starpath was the ability for your child to be immersed in a unique story written just for them, starring them and their new doll.

When you purchase a Starpath Doll you are treated to a choice of two stories by award winning authors.  You are given a link to go online and customize the book which produces an entirely custom story for your little one.  You also can purchase additional stories at any time!

You can choose a printed book, which arrives after a short shipping time, or an e-book which is available immediately, and opens on any phone or tablet device.

Entering your child's name and birthday, how old they are, and so forth, results in a story they will hardly be able to put down!

By including unique details about your child, they will be riveted by a story that is both entertaining, and completely unique to them.  When your child first realizes, for example, her doll's favorite dessert is also her favorite dessert because you customized it that way, she will enjoy the story and hopefully, reading, that much more.

We would love for you try one of our customized books and give your child the gift of a wonderful fairy tale starring them!

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