Starpath Dolls' Outfits

Starpath Dolls' Outfits

Each of our wonderful dolls comes complete with a special outfit unique to them.  And they are all available for purchase separately.  But we also have some special and unique outfits for dress-up, play time, or any occasion.

Our Fairy Tale Ball Gown comes from our wonderful story "A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong" and is made of beautiful pink satin with a cute ribbon sash.  Your doll will never want to wear another doll dress.  Whether on the way to Cinderella's Ball or simply dressing up for an at home tea party, this dress will make any doll feel like a princess.



Our Sky-Blue Indian Sari is a way to bring the wonder of world's away to your own backyard!  Whether recreating your own culture and heritage or simply dressing up to learn about the wonderful subcontinent, this outfit is beautifully made with satin and intricate gold trim.  Little gold shoes and a matching scarf complete the outfit.


Our Pajama Set is simply adorable.  A fuzzy soft pink blanket and fuzzy slippers make your doll cute as a button.  The pink satin bow details and flower applique look wonderful on any doll.  You will want to cuddle up yourself!

We hope you will enjoy our special outfits and try some of them out for yourself or your children!  Whether collecting or playing, Starpath wants to create well made and detailed products that anyone can enjoy!

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