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Starpath Doll Review from The Doll Circle

Our founder and creator discusses Starpath Dolls

Starpath Dolls' Outfits

Starpath Dolls' Outfits

Each of our wonderful dolls comes complete with a special outfit unique to them.  And they are all available for purchase separately.  But we also have some special and unique outfits for dress-up, play time, or any occasion.

Our Fairy Tale Ball Gown comes from our wonderful story "A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong" and is made of beautiful pink satin with a cute ribbon sash.  Your doll will never want to wear another doll dress.  Whether on the way to Cinderella's Ball or simply dressing up for an at home tea party, this dress will make any doll feel like a princess.



Our Sky-Blue Indian Sari is a way to bring the wonder of world's away to your own backyard!  Whether recreating your own culture and heritage or simply dressing up to learn about the wonderful subcontinent, this outfit is beautifully made with satin and intricate gold trim.  Little gold shoes and a matching scarf complete the outfit.


Our Pajama Set is simply adorable.  A fuzzy soft pink blanket and fuzzy slippers make your doll cute as a button.  The pink satin bow details and flower applique look wonderful on any doll.  You will want to cuddle up yourself!

We hope you will enjoy our special outfits and try some of them out for yourself or your children!  Whether collecting or playing, Starpath wants to create well made and detailed products that anyone can enjoy!

Starpath Dolls' Customized Books

Starpath Dolls' Customized Books

When we set out to create our line of beautifully crafted high-quality dolls, we also wanted to highlight our other mission: a love of reading.  Establishing a childhood love of reading is an attribute that pays lifelong dividends.  Many dolls include books about their personal stories or have them available for purchase separately.  But what we wanted to create at Starpath was the ability for your child to be immersed in a unique story written just for them, starring them and their new doll.

When you purchase a Starpath Doll you are treated to a choice of two stories by award winning authors.  You are given a link to go online and customize the book which produces an entirely custom story for your little one.  You also can purchase additional stories at any time!

You can choose a printed book, which arrives after a short shipping time, or an e-book which is available immediately, and opens on any phone or tablet device.

Entering your child's name and birthday, how old they are, and so forth, results in a story they will hardly be able to put down!

By including unique details about your child, they will be riveted by a story that is both entertaining, and completely unique to them.  When your child first realizes, for example, her doll's favorite dessert is also her favorite dessert because you customized it that way, she will enjoy the story and hopefully, reading, that much more.

We would love for you try one of our customized books and give your child the gift of a wonderful fairy tale starring them!

Multi-Ethnic Dolls

Multi-Ethnic Dolls

Having a line of multi-ethnic dolls was important to us at Starpath Dolls.  Beyond encouraging a love of reading with our fully customizable stories written by award winning authors, we wanted to make sure every little girl out there had a doll to call her own.


Wandering Star is our African-American doll who is cute as a button.  With her vinyl posable limbs and soft cloth body she is the perfect companion for little girls who want a doll that looks just like them.  She is dressed in adorable jeans and a cute jacket and sneakers but any 18" doll clothing can be used.  We offer many other outfits that you will love as your little one plays till their heart is content!

Wishing Star is our Asian-American girl doll designed by the wonderful Linda Mason.  While other doll companies certainly make beautiful dolls it was important to us to make dolls for all little girls.  Wishing Star comes in an adorable blue sundress with smart patent shoes but, as with all of our dolls, any 18" doll clothing is compatible so you can dress her for any playtime fun you would like.

It is our pride and privilege to manufacture dolls for every person of color out there. No little girl should have to settle for a doll that doesn't look like them.  At Starpath Dolls we want every little girl to have a fast companion that looks just like them with personalized stories that enables them to have adventures till their heart is content!

Get Creative!

Get Creative!

Some artists just have the ability to make our 18" dolls seemingly come to life!  We had the wonderful opportunity to work with Karalee Scouten on some photos this year and she made all of our wonderful dolls just come to life.

These photos also inspire our next generation to create and play with their dolls in new and exciting ways all in the world around them.

Wishing Star 18 inch Doll

Wishing Star coming alive with bubbles!

Wandering Star 18 inch doll

Wandering Star and Tiger Cat out for adventure in the back yard!

 Wishing Star 18 inch dolls

Two friends out for a stroll!

 Morning star 18 inch doll

Morning Star dressed in her ball gown with her new friend from "A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong."

 At Starpath Dolls we hope and wish to instill a love of dolls to everyone.  Whether you are an 18 inch doll collector who loves attention to detail and all the intricate doll accessories, or a little girl who loves to get lost in the imaginary world of playing, enjoying our dolls is something we hope we can bring to everyone.

And you don't have to be a professional photographer.  The most important thing is to get out there and have fun!  Take photos of your dolls anywhere you like and be creative!

The History of Dolls

The History of Dolls

Dolls are an interesting collectible and toy for both children and adults alike.  But have ever wondered about the history of dolls?

As expected, the earliest dolls were made with whatever raw material was lying around.  Bone, wood, clay, stone, ivory, and even leather were used to fashion doll figurines and soft dolls for children to play with.  The first dolls with movable limbs and removable clothing go as far back as 200 B.C.!  Dolls have been found in Roman graves of children made of clay, wood, and ivory.  Even then the ancient civilizations knew the strong connection children had with their favorite dolls!

The Industrial Era really began to modernize and perfect dolls as we know them.  In the 1800's, porcelain was used for the first time for the heads, creating somewhat lifelike recreations of people. Combined with a body made of leather, cloth, or wood, these dolls began to be mass produced in the great industrial expansion of the 19th century.

The 20th century saw doll materials move to plastic and polymer enabling even greater manufacturing efficiencies and capabilities as well as lowered costs.  Rubber began to be used in greater quantities before finally moving to vinyl which is what dolls we know and love are made from today.

Collectors flock to older dolls and some porcelain dolls from the 1800's can fetch over $20,000!  Not bad for a doll people back then were making with whatever available materials they could find.

We don't know what Starpath Dolls may be worth some day but we do believe in high quality materials and expert craftsmanship.  Our 18.5" dolls are made with a soft-cloth body and vinyl posable limbs.  They are crafted for years of enjoyable play time or for the collector who values a well made product.

Thanks for walking down this memory lane with us!  Here's to the next 2,000 years of doll making!

A Unique Proposition

A Unique Proposition
Starpath Dolls was created with a twofold purpose: to encourage a love of reading as well as enhance the centuries old pastime of a child's love for dolls.  Each Starpath Doll comes with a free e-book penned by award winning authors...

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