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❝ ...I immediately fell for their adorable faces. I knew I had to write a Starpath Dolls review. As a transracially adoptive parent, I love that the four dolls are diverse.❞ http://www.addictedtosaving.com/starpath-dolls-review

❝ As you personalize the book, you see your child truly enter the book. As they read with their doll, they are truly engaged with not only reading but play.❞ http://ilikeitfrantic.net/2017/05/starpath-dolls-bring-individuality-creativity

❝ A unique accessory for these dolls are customizable chapter books that can purchased through the starpathdolls.com website.❞ http://www.ageekdaddy.com/2017/05/starpath-dolls.html?spref=fb

❝ She was tickled to see her name and details about her life and family incorporated into the story. Since we read the book, she has been acting out scenes from the book with her doll, and I love to see where her imagination takes her.❞ http://momfabfun.com/a-personalized-adventure/

❝ I chose Morning Star for my daughter because I wanted to get her a doll that looks like her. I love that your child can choose a doll that looks like them, or you can introduce them to a friend that looks different from them.❞ http://www.thebraggingmommy.com/a-doll-is-a-childs-best-friend-multi-ethnic-starpath-doll-review/

❝ As you know, we are sort of book obsessed over here, so anything that encourages more reading makes this Mama smile.❞ http://www.mommysblockparty.co/2017/05/starpath-dolls-your-young-ones-new-bff.html

❝ My daughter spent some of the afternoon reading the ebook in her fort with Piper. Her most favorite part of the book is when she and Piper save the tiger cub from poachers who are shooting at them. The easy-to-read book includes all the fun details about my daughter, which make the book a huge success!❞ http://omggoodies.com/starpath-dolls-adventure-imagination/

❝ I think that is a great way to get her involved in creative play and thus feel even more connected to her doll.❞ http://www.gobbleitupreviews.com/2017/05/star-path-dolls-morning-star.html

❝ The books can be personalized with details from the child’s world, placing her inside the book with her doll as her fellow adventurer.❞ http://www.fuggsandfoach.com/starpath-dolls/

❝ If you are looking for a great way to get the kids reading more and have a great adventure, check out StarPath Dolls. The adventure is literally at your fingertips.❞ http://www.aarlreviews.com/2017/05/starpath-dolls-and-personalized-books.html

❝ When paired with their personalized chapter books, Starpath Dolls encourage girls aged 5-9 to escape into the magical world of their stories.❞ https://mommaslittlereviews.com/2017/05/18/shining-star-by-starpath-dolls/

❝ Young girls can embark on an imaginative journey with the four exquisite dolls from Starpath Dolls while learning the importance of acceptance, love, and companionship.❞ http://tothemotherhood.com/2017/06/starpath-dolls/


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