Our Story


Welcome to the world of Starpath Dolls! I started this company with guidance from my daughter who loves to read and play with dolls. Starpath Dolls are designed to inspire a love of reading while encouraging girls to see themselves in worlds outside their own.

On this website, girls, parents or gift givers can choose from four exquisite dolls—Morning Star, Shining Star, Wishing Star, and Wandering Star—and then create their personalized adventure story in a chapter book.The dolls were created by doll designer Linda Mason.


How it Works

After choosing a doll, the child can re-name her when she personalizes the book on this website, and then star with her new doll in the story. Each doll has a unique and relatable personality. They have huggable cloth bodies, brushable hair and are 18.5 inches tall.

Starting with one of two stories, “A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong”or “Tiger Magic,”the child answers a series of fun questions about her own life and favorite things. These details are woven throughout every page of the book, making it truly her story and serving as a wonderful “memory book”of her personality. Each one-of-a-kind book can be downloaded instantly on an e-reader or can arrive by mail as a paperback book in approximately one week.

We appreciate your interest and for coming along on this journey. We also welcome your suggestions. Thank you for visiting Starpath Dolls.



Anita Winsor
Managing Director